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1. Suicide dialogue

«Hi Mehmet, sorry that I disturbed your sleep.»
«Don’t worry, I’ll sleep again in the afternoon. But wait, is it really true that Leone Ippoliti is dead?»
«Ah, yeah» Orhan calmly answered.
«Ill he was?»
«No, no, he weren’t.»
«An accident, then?»
«Nope, Mehmet, quite not.»
Orhan tried to explain himself: «He got into Blue Mosque».
«I think they close it.»
«Yes, their closed it. But he arrived through a tunnel, from underground.»
With a big yawn, Mehmet finally asked: «Ok, so he in the Blue Mosque from the ground. But how did he die?».
«When inside, he went upstairs, close to the dome. He was right next to the chandelier. And then he go down.»
«I never saw the inside of the Mosque, but it looks quite high from outside.»
«Yes, yes, that is why he dead: all squashed.»
Mehmet, satisfied by the explanation, exclaimed: «He slipped!».

«Yes, maybe. But the doctor volunteer of Constantinople said he kind of take a step forward, but no floor is there. He take a step but nothing is there.»
«But a step to go where?»
«To go down, very quick and falling. He really want to fall on floor.»
Mehmet rubbed his eyes. «But he not stumble? I sometimes happens when there are holes in the roads.»
«Listen, I not understand well what is happened. Doctor said he jumped, for real, like a jump from a trampoline, when we want to swim. In the sense that he jump forward, but in a ravine.»


«Orhan, you ever hear that somebody self-kill itself?»
«No, never. You?»
«No, of course. I think this Leone simply tripped over.»
«Mehmet, you know Mosque is full of blue? This why it called Blue Mosque.»
«Ah yeah, now it make sense why entrance is blocked», concluded Mehmet.


The master of Ceremonies, distracted by the deep breaths of his lovers, cuddled up in their love nest, thought: if it is a matter of Blue, maybe what happened can be explained.